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This week on the market
Beans bidding every Wednesday 2:00pm

Buyer and Sellers are reminded about our Asking price option for bidding. Please see our email for more information or contact our offices if you require any further information.

Platform Update

Exciting new Branded Marketplace and Buy-It-Now (BIN) features to be unveiled later this week!

HelloChoice™ Market View

Realise True Value

HelloChoice is a digital trading and auction platform that has transformed fresh produce trade by directly connecting Farmers and Buyers. Users have instant access to a universe of Buyers and Sellers that can be discovered through an open and transparent market and price discovery mechanism. Buyers and Sellers have the opportunity to be a part of community of people that are interested in true value and streamlined profitable transactions for both parties.

How It Works

BID Marketplace

Find all products that have been listed for auction by Sellers. Auctions happen daily at 9am and Beans Auction on a Wednesday at 2pm.

Buy-It-Now (BIN) Marketplace

Buy immediately at a set price at any time of the day, similar to traditional online marketplaces.

Branded Marketplace

Find and Buy Products from recognized Farming brands

Online, fresh produce market place

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