Realise True Value

We have successfully completed our initial Pilot in the Potato market, and are now inviting more Grocers and Farmers to join our thriving community. Please send any inquiries to Contact Us, for further information.

HelloChoice is a B2B digital trading platform that will transform and streamline fresh produce trade. HelloChoice is South Africa’s freshest B2B Marketplace, where Grocers and Farmers can ‘Realise True Value’.

Why HelloChoice?

Open and transparent market and price discovery mechanism
Instant access to a universe of Buyers and Sellers (beyond traditional channels and networks)
Reduced marketing and distribution costs
Fresher supply chain.

How to Trade

Buyers and sellers have the opportunity to be a part of community of people that are interested in true value and streamlined profitable transactions for both parties.

Want to Buy? Want to Sell?



How It Works

We would love to connect with you. Please mail us at