Green Numbers Report

Hello Farmers! Meet the HelloChoice Green Numbers Report. This is our 2nd “powertool” on out platform that will support you in your online sales process. The report takes a bench-mark price per day for your product and gives you a real-time report for how your numbers are performing across the online buying and selling channels.

For the first time in farming, you have some control over how you want your marketing to look tomorrow, based on your product’s performance today. This Green Numbers Report is enabling a more confident marketing approach for farmers. It ensures that you can get the best deal on your produce.

And it is probably going to help you sleep better at night, too. To register for an (free) online account, please use this link:

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EFT Details

Bank: Standard Bank South Africa
Beneficiary/Account type: Business/ Company
Acc Name: FSS Debtors Receipt Account
Acc Number: 009 738 444
Reference: OneFarm Share