HelloChoice: App Release to Upgrade Agricultural Marketplace

HelloChoice is a proudly South African success story with a vision to modernise traditional agricultural produce trading through its wholesale online marketplace. Over 2,300 agricultural produce buyers and sellers have joined HelloChoice via its website and mobile app, trading over R150 million in the first three years. Specifically designed for South African market conditions, the HelloChoice mobile app instantly connects buyers in their stores and warehouses with sellers in their fields and packhouses.

HelloChoice is excited to announce an upgraded and enhanced version of the mobile app, bringing new features for both buyers and sellers. Responding to buyers’ needs to get the latest and up-to-date real-time offers as soon as they are available, the updated mobile app allows users to buy from anywhere, anytime. The latest app ensures better market access and prices for farmers, and faster product access and lower prices for buyers.

HelloChoice’s Grant Jacobs explains, “HelloChoice is digitising agricultural trade to make buying and selling effective and efficient. Our new TradeAlerts mobile app feature is a great example of this, as the user can set their own specific trade preferences and get In-app messages and emails when trade opportunities meeting their requirements become available. They can immediately find and buy according to their needs, with all relevant information available immediately on their phone, and better still, conclude the trade right there and then.”

Using geolocation and customer profiles to better connect buyers and sellers, TradeAlerts is a brand new and game-changing feature that notifies buyers when fresh produce is available. These instant alerts speed up the buying and selling process, while the Buy-it-Now marketplace is still available on the mobile app.

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