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Youth Day 2020

“May your Choices reflect your hopes, not your Fears.”

“Nelson Mandela”

Happy Youth Day to the young minds and souls of our nation – you are our future!




Farmers Save costs

FARMERS Can Save Unnecessary Costs by trading on HelloChoice™.

Reduce marketing costs when you trade directly online with Buyers and benefit from direct loads to save transport costs and avoid double handling charges.

Your Buyers also benefit through direct trade as they are able to get your produce quicker and fresher into their stores.

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Buyers cut costs

BUYERS Can Cut Unnecessary Costs by trading directly with Farmers on HelloChoice™.

Avoid unneeded marketing costs and benefit from direct loads to save transport and double handling charges, while getting your produce quicker and fresher into your store.  Start cutting costs today @

#CutUnnecessaryCosts #OnlineTradingPlatform #FreshProduce

Meat your match


Meat 🥩 Your Online Match ♡ at HelloChoice ™️ to find only the best Bulk Beef cuts!

Now available on Orders&Requests Marketplace.





Magalies Juices

Choose your Flavour 😋 with HelloChoice ™

Welcome to Magalies Juices who today join the HelloChoice ™ platform.  Magalies’ mouth-watering, thirst-quenching juices now available on our Beverages&Ingredients Marketplace.

Our Buyers have asked and we have listened!





Farmer2Farmer Launch


This week HelloChoice ™ launches the Farmer2Farmer Marketplace to make direct trade possible between Farmers – Safely and Transparently online!

Say ‘Bye Bye Little Black Book’ as you join HelloChoice ™ to sell/buy essential farm inputs without leaving your farm. Use the platform to overcome COVID-19 risks and save money.

How it Works?

The Seller (you the Farmer) lists your farm products like hay bales, animal feed, seed and other inputs for sale on HelloChoice ™, clicking the Farmer2Farmer box to display the product on the Farmer2Farmer Marketplace.

Buyers (other farmers) can browse and purchase online.

HelloChoice ™ manages the invoicing and payments between the Seller and the Buyer.

JOIN NOW or contact your Account Manager for more information.