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From its origin in the heart of the fruit growing region of the Cape (South Africa) in 1997, Cape Five has branched out to strategic locations worldwide. Today, it comprises a group of international companies in the Netherlands, Hong Kong and the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), which supply quality apples, pears, citrus and stone fruit worldwide. 

By maintaining close contact with the market, Cape Five offers the greatest opportunities to both fruit growing suppliers and fruit importers. This allows the company to follow trends and demands of the fruit exporting market closely. Keeping daily contact with customers, Cape Five can respond effectively to the needs and opportunities encountered by important role-players: importers, retailers, wholesalers and experts in the field. Cape Five employ these measures to maximise opportunities and to manage the needs of each growing source country. 


Trusted third party logistic partners deliver sourced fruit on time, under expertly controlled cold-chain conditions – either to the importer, distributor or directly to the retailer.

 The company head office is ideally located, based close to all main fruit growing regions in South Africa. It can easily obtain the best quality local produce by maintaining its long standing relationships with local growers and producers. Alternative fruit varietals are sourced from fruit producing counties worldwide, for example: Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, France, Slovenia, Poland, Belgium, Holland Egypt, Morocco and India. 

The Dutch team maintains a strong relationship with both fruit importers and exporters, assisting them with their daily operations. The Netherlands based office utilises the company’s integrated worldwide network to maintain their strong foothold in Europe. Sourcing quality fruit products for its growing international customer base, importers, retailers and wholesalers worldwide trust the company to deliver on time. 

Having local representatives in Asia (Hong Kong and PRC), Cape Five understands import markets, trends and needs in the area. By identifying opportunities on ground level, the team aims at strengthening the interest in fresh fruit imports to Asia.

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