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These can be defaulted to existing channels or alternatively listed the following day with full disclosure to the Buyer.

Ideally at least an hour before bidding opens.

HelloChoice will advise you once payment has been received from the Buyer, (do not dispatch any product until we have notified you that the payment has been received).

What quantities should I list?

It is ideal to list a variety of lots size to offer Buyers more choice and options.

With competitive bidding this should correct itself by Buyers bidding on what looks like an attractive offer.

You will receive a closing report and pack list.

Can I set a reserve (floor) price?

Yes – however, if your reserve price is too high the product may not sell.

What products can I list?

Fruit & vegetables and other fresh agricultural produce, e.g.,Fruit & vegetables and other agricultural produce, .e,g, potatoes, beans, bananas, butternut, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages, etc.