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Frequently Asked Questions


Can Buyers and Sellers contact each other directly?

Yes, HelloChoice® allows complete transparency between Buyers and Sellers.

How do Buyers and Sellers receive each others information?

Buyers and Sellers will receive each others contact information after the lot has been sold in the form of lot notifications.

Can I see what other Sellers are listing

Yes, all lots are transparent and can be viewed in the marketplace window.

How it Works

What is HelloChoice®?

HelloChoice® is a direct online marketplace for business-to-business interactions between buyers and sellers.

How do I list?

To list a product, login to your account and select ‘List Lots’ to choose what marketplace you want the produce to appear on. From there you will need to full in additional information about your produce.

How do I buy?

Browse the marketplace of your choice and either bid or add your desired produce to your cart.

Who do I contact if there is an issue with the bid or on collection?

HelloChoice’s® account management team will be able to assist with any queries or concern at point of collection. The buyer can be dealt with directly too.

Can I search for a product by variety & grade?

Yes, Both Buyers and Sellers are able to apply filters when searching for products.

Can I search for product in my region?

Yes Both Buyers and Sellers are able to apply filters when searching for products. eg: Durban Fresh Produce Market; Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market, Durban Fruit and Veg Prices etc

What products can I buy/list on HelloChoice®?

HelloChoice® is a platform to buy and sell agricultural produce such as:
• Fresh produce: fruits and vegetables
• Wholesale dry beans bulk
• Grains such as: bulk sugar , maize, samp .
• Frozen products

Grocers are able to buy in bulk on a day to day basis with ease.

Can I bid or list from my phone?

HelloChoice® is a mobile responsive website, which can be accessed from your computer or your mobile phone.

What makes HelloChoice® different ?

HelloChoice® is an independent online platform, that streamlines and optimizes the fresh produce supply chain. It is the most competitive Online Fresh Produce Market in the country.


How do I get Bidding information?

Notices will be posted on the website and Buyers can subscribe to Bidding Updates and Bulletins.

Can I see who’s Bidding?

Yes, by clicking on the Bid price.

What is the Bidding increment ?

The Bidding Increment is set based on the value and nature of the product in question, e.g. for potatoes the bidding increment is set at 25c per pocket and for beans R10.00 per bag.

How do I see the live bid?

Live Bidding can be viewed in many ways – either on the dashboard or on the live Bidding window, otherwise through clicking on the lot in question.

What is a Bidding mandate?

This is a guide to help the Buyer keep track of the total value of their Bids on a daily, weekly & monthly basis.

What is a Softclose?

A Softclose extends the Bidding time for any lot that has received a late Bid, preventing snipping and giving active Bidders the opportunity to increase their bid if they so choose.

What is a Proxy Bid?

A Proxy Bid is a mandate given by the Buyer to the platform to Auto Bid on their behalf and to win the bid at the lowest price below their preset maximum Bid price.

Upcoming Auctions.

Potato Auction. – Daily from Monday, the 21st of June to Thursday, the 24th of June at 09:00.

Dry Bean Auction – Wednesday, the 23rd of June at 14:00.


What should I do with the lots that don’t sell?

These can be defaulted to existing channels or alternatively listed the following day with full disclosure to the Buyer.

By what time each day should I have my lots listed?

Ideally at least an hour before bidding opens.

At what point is it okay to release the product for collection?

HelloChoice® will advise you once payment has been received from the Buyer, (do not dispatch any product until we have notified you that the payment has been received).

What quantities should I list?

It is ideal to list a variety of lots size to offer Buyers more choice and options.

What happens if I’ve set my reserve price too low?

With competitive bidding this should correct itself by Buyers bidding on what looks like an attractive offer.

How do I know what’s been sold and what to pack?

You will receive a closing report and pack list.

Can I set a reserve (floor) price?

Yes – however, if your reserve price is too high the product may not sell.

What products can I list?

Fruit & vegetables and other fresh agricultural produce, e.g.,Fruit & vegetables and other agricultural produce, .e,g, potatoes, beans, bananas, butternut, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbages, etc.


What is the farm gate price & how is this determined ?

This is the total price charged to the Buyer to collect from the Seller, i.e. excluded and associated transport costs.

How does the platform charge?

HelloChoice® recovers its nominal margin from the Seller.

Invoicing / Payments and Satements

When can the farmer expect payment from HelloChoice® ?

Within 3 days of releasing the product to the Buyer, and approval of the supplier invoice and delivery note.

At what time does the Buyer need to make payment?

Prior to collection within 4 hours of winning the bid for fresh produce and within 24 hours for non perishable produce sales. If payment is not received, the Bid sale will be cancelled & the Buyer will be liable for a cancelation fee, as per the Buyer Terms.


What happens if the Buyer arrives at the farm and the product is below standard?

The Buyer is able to refuse a load at the farm and will receive a full refund.

Does the site offer a transport service ?

No, however HelloChoice® can refer Buyers to transporters operating in the region.

Who is responsible for arranging transport?

All bids are concluded at farmgate prices and collection is the Buyers account, either through their own fleet or through a contracted transporter.

If there are any further questions, please contact us below

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