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Broccoli (Bid/Box)Unstated200R120.00KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Cabbage Loose (Bid/Head)Conquest1000R10.50KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Cabbage PrePack 6 Pack/Box (Bid/Box)Chinese200R70.00KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Carrots 5Kg Loose (Bid/5Kg)Nantes420R29.95KwaZulu-Natal - North Uthungulu
Cauliflower (Bid/Box)Unstated200R120.00KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Celery Sleeve Loose (20 Slv/Box, Bid/Box)David200R8.50KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Kale 10 Bunches/Bag (Bid/Bag)Giant English Rape50R42.00KZN - Bishopstowe
Lettuce Crate 12/Crate (Bid/Crate)Unstated1000R70.00KZN - Bishopstowe
Lettuce Crate 12/Crate (Bid/Crate)Green Frilly50R52.65KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Onions 10Kg Bag (Bid/Bag)White500R57.80Free State - Motheo
Onions 10Kg Bag (Bid/Bag)White4200R5.80Free State - Motheo
Parsley (Bid/Bunch)Unstated100R90.00KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Potato 07Kg 154/Plt (Bid/Pocket)Up To Date (UTD)308R125.00KwaZulu-Natal - Durban Metro
Red Cabbages 6 Heads Boxed (Bid/Box)Red100R60.00KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC
Spinach 10 Bunches/Bag (Bid/Bag)Ford Hook Giant1000R30.00KZN - Bishopstowe
Spring Onion Sleeve Loose (Bid/Sleeve)Unstated1000R5.35KZN - Umlaas Road
Sweet Potatoes 50kg Pocket (Bid/Pocket)Blesbok60R125.00KZN - Empangeni
Tomatoes 20kg Box (Bid/Box)Round Tomato100R168.00KwaZulu-Natal - Durban Metro
Turnips (Bid/Bag)Unstated1000R60.00KwaZulu-Natal - Indlovu DC