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HC Brochure 2019

We have updated our brochure, below is a teaser please click here or the image below to download the full copy.

HelloChoice Green Thursday

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HelloChoice in the Chips

At HelloChoice, we have built a business to business digital marketplace, where Buyers and Sellers can meet each other, and find the products that they are looking for. Click here to read our latest feature in the August edition of CHIPS

HelloChoice in Die Burger

HelloChoice is opening doors across the country, giving Farmers the opportunity to connect with a universe of Buyers! Check out our latest feature in the Landbou Digital Publication, dated August 16th! Please click here to read the article

HelloChoice in the Farmers Weekly

We are very pleased to receive the full version of our farmer weekly article written by Lloyd Phillips.   Digital revolution links fresh produce Farmers to Buyers.   ‘Newly launched and innovative online trading platform is reportedly revolutionising the way that South Africa’s fresh produce sellers and buyers conduct their typically time-sensitive and demanding trading […]

We will be hosting a number of Buyer/Farmer Seminars in the greater KZN region next week. Join us in your area, as we share our vision, How the Platform works, future developments and Q & A session.

HelloChoice is a proud new member of the PMA (Produce Marketing Association) We are honoured to be invited to join the Fresh Connections Round Table at the conference too. The PMA Show is the only annual event in Southern Africa connecting the entire fresh produce supply chain.  This year, the conference will be taking place […]

From farm to shop at the click of a button

The Maritzburg Sun published an article about how we are changing the face of the fresh produce market: From farm to shop at the click of a button A newly launched local business platform is using digital technology to revolutionize the future of local agricultural trade. Read the full story