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Meat, like nature intended. Nature’s ways are wise – and as old as the hills. Taking a leaf out of her book, OpenVeld beef is kinder to cows, your family, and the planet.

Our cattle are grass-raised, with care. Like their ancestors, our cows roam free to graze in Kwa-Zulu Natal’s lush and tranquil foothills.

Feed your family with love. Besides being flippen tasty, free range, hormone-free beef is nourishing. It’s leaner and richer in key nutrients like antioxidants and vitamins.

Nurturing the land. Our farmers are custodians, following regenerative practices that enrich the soil naturally. Leaving their patch of earth in better shape for future generations.

We keep our cows out in the open, and we’re open with you too. Our meat can be traced from the shelf to its origin using our OpenVeld app.

Love local. When you choose OpenVeld, you support South African farmers.

When it comes to beef, OpenVeld makes the ethical choice easy.

Buy OpenVeld beef at selected butchers and retailers. For trade enquiries, get in touch using our OpenVeld or HelloChoice app.

Our Story

Free Range hormone free meat is now being offered on the HelloChoice trading platform, ensuring a stable, secure and verifiable supply chain to retailers country wide.

This offers healthier, tastier, ethically produced meat with a dependable and traceable source directly to the farm.


Hormone Free

Our Free range cattle have been raised without any added hormones.

Support Local

Tasty beef raised locally in KZN,
Free State and Eastern Cape on OpenVeld.

Our Different Cuts

Wholesale buyers join
HelloChoice to trade


Wholesale buyers join
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Wholesale buyers join
HelloChoice to trade


For trade enquiries contact us at openveld@hellochoice.co.za
Available at selected stores!

Our Family of Farmers

Our family of farmers are located in:
East Griqualand

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